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Potable Water Influent Conduit Rehabilitation

Warren's NSF-approved epoxy products provide a sound solution for Providence Water Supply Board

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Potable Water


Providence, RI

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Providence, Rhode Island’s Water Supply Board began upgrades and improvements to its Philip J. Holton Purification Plant in 2009. The upgrades would allow the facility to continue to supply 60% of the state’s population with clean drinking water. A portion of the improvements included repairs to filter influent conduits at the facility. 

The organization selected Warren Environmental’s NSF-approved epoxy coating system to rehabilitate and provide a protective coating inside the settled water conduit. To maintain sanitary working conditions, the team pressure washed and sterilized all staging and scaffolding equipment before it entered the water system. We also ensured the equipment being used had never been exposed to a sewer environment. Our approved applicator prepped the surface and then spray applied 200-300 mils of our 301-01 epoxy. They used a higher millage on eroded areas such as the beams and spalled walls. Warren’s 151-HG hydrophobic injection grout mitigated areas in the water conduit that had active infiltration.  

The team also navigated significant challenges including maintaining access for chlorine deliveries and working within scheduled plant shutdown days and times.


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