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Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant Chlorine Channel Rehabilitation

Warren's 301-14 epoxy provides structural repair to severely corroded concrete chlorine contact channels

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San Francisco, CA

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  • Condition assessment
  • Corrosion
  • Infiltration
  • Large concrete channel
  • Potable water system
  • Single-coat application
  • Structural lining rehabilitation
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Warren Environmental’s 301-14 epoxy coating system was used to protect, structurally reinforce, and prevent water infiltration into the flows of the Southeast Water Pollution Control (SWPC) Plant’s chlorine contact channels. The epoxy coating was spray applied to the interior surfaces of 1.2 miles of 18×16 foot cast-in-place concrete channel that had suffered substantial corrosion, exposing rebar and aggregate.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission hired V&A Consulting Engineers to perform a condition assessment. V&A Consulting Engineers also compared spot repairs versus a full structural epoxy lining option for the rehabilitation. They recommended a complete lining of the channels due to the active and ongoing deterioration. Repairing only the areas that had the most visual damage was considered unlikely to extend the service life of the structure. 

Our approved applicator applied Warren Environmental’s 301-14 epoxy – in a single coat ranging from 250-300 mils – to form a monolithic structural coating. The Warren Environmental system successfully refurbished the asset to protect it from future degradation. The epoxy system’s unique ability to structurally repair and monolithically protect its host in a single coat made it the perfect solution.


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