Deep shaft and tunnel linings

Our zero V.O.C. structural epoxies have proven themselves to be a superior choice for the waterproofing and rehabilitating large diameter shafts and tunnels. Worker safety in confined spaces is a priority at Warren Environmental. Our zero V.O.C formulations, combined with a solvent-free application result in increased worker safety. Our formulations add increased structural value and superior leak remediation.

New York Dept. of Environmental Protection 2006 
Water Conduit Shaft 18 at the Kensico Reservoir-175 ft. of 10 ft diameter conduit 
Valhalla, New York
Malcolm Pernie Engineering
500 Edgewater Drive
Wakefield, MA 01880
Job dates: 1/27/06-3/29/06
Bill Ditullio, Engineer-(813) 242-7243
Bob Vargo-845-225-9014 

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
MMSD Contract No. C07019C01-Basin "GH" Cast Iron Sewer Rehab. 
Epoxy Coating of a 49 inch by 68 inch box section, 3,609 linear feet, 60 ft down 
Earth Tech Engineering
1020 North Broadway
Suite 400
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Job date:2005
Pat Murray, Engineer - (414) 270-4208 

New Croton Aqueduct
New Croton, New York 
1,100 feet of 150 year old deteriorated 14' diameter brick tunnel 300 plus ft down 
Harza Engineering
233 South Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606 
Job date:1996 
Bob Waterhouse at NY DEP - (914) 962-2637 

Locust Street Outfall-Owensboro Kentucky
Owensboro Dept. of Public Works
2101 Grimes Ave. 
Owensboro, KY
Job dates: 1998 
150 ft. of 9 ft. diameter tunnel partially submerged in the Ohio River, 50-60 ft deep.
Contact: Strand Engineering - Chuck Anderson-(502) 583-1138 

Miami Dade Water and Sewer 
200 feet of 60 inch diameter tunnel-extremely deteriorated with heavy ocean water infiltration. 
Hazen and Sawyer Engineering 
4000 Hollywood Blvd
Suite 750N
Hollywood Fla 33021 
Job date: 1997
John Hoffman, Engineer - (305) 532-9292 

Massachusetts Water Resource Authority-1996
Boston, Ma.
1,000 ft of 60 inch diameter tunnel 50 ft away from and running parallel to the Charles River. Re-inspected in 2006 showing no leaks. 
Job date: 1996
Contact: Mike Hernbrooke, CEO of MWRA - (617) 788-4359 

Boston Water and Sewer 
Stovi Brook Tunnel and Gate Box-extreme infiltration cracks up to ten inches wide 
and four feet long gushing river water.
Bob Drake, Engineer-(508-287-1253) 

Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority 
600 5th Street NW
Washington, DC 
Lining of the Blue Ridge Access Shaft 
40 foot diameter tunnel, 272 ft. deep, free fall open shaft
Job date: 2005 
Ruth McCormick-Engineer 301-618-7546 

Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority 
600 5th Street NW
Washington, DC 
Forest Glen Station shaft lining - 40 foot diameter, 300 ft down free fall open shaft 
Job date-2005 
Ruth McCormick-Engineer 301-618-7546 

Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority 
600 5th Street NW
Washington, DC 
Evans Parkway Shaft lining- 15-18 foot diameter, 300 ft down 
Job date-2005 
Ruth McCormick-Engineer 301-618-7546 

400 West 31st Street 
6th Floor
New York, NY 
Lining of 680 ft 30 ft diameter, 100 plus ft down. subway tunnel running under the East River . At 5 year inspection there were no leaks. 
Job date-2004 
Bob Santini, Engineer 212-630-7292 

Atlantic Heights Culvert Lining for New Jersey Natural Gas Co. 
Atlantic Heights, New Jersey 
Lining of culvert, apron and joints
ERM Engineering
250 Phillips Blvd.
Ewing, New Jersey 08618
Job date:2004
Contact: Vince Shea, Engineer - 609-403-7558 

Boston Water and Sewer Dept.
980 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA 02219
Leak Remediation of 22 ft diameter horseshoe sewer
Job date:2005
Contact: Bob Drake at Beta Engineering - 401-333-2382 

City of Atlanta, Ga.
Lining of sewer at Cheshire Bridge Pipe Road 
3,000 ft of 60 inch diameter pipe
Job date: 2001
Contact: Randy Houston, CHM2Hill Engineering - 813-874-0777 

Dept of Water & Sewer DeKalb County, Georgia
1580 Roadhaven Drive 
Stone Mountain, GA 30083 
100 ft. shaft 50-60 years old, no leaks at the 10 yr inspection
Ben Thornton 770-621-7231 

E.D.I.R.A.R.C Tunnel Project
Lining of a 49 inch by 68 inch diameter ellipse shaped tunnel Cleveland Ohio
Marra Constructors Inc.
700 East 73rd Street
Cleveland, OH 44103
Job dates: 2005
Contact: Tony Paglia at Marra, G.C. - (216) 361-9977 

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