Manholes, wetwells, and lift stations

Epoxy lining, caulking, concrete rehab and waterproofing utilizingthe Warren Environmental 100% solids epoxy system 

Save thousands of gallons of water and thousands of dollars in treatment costs with Warren Environmental 100% Solids Structural Lining System for pipes and manholes. Studies have shown that lining the host pipe alone results in little to no reduction in I & I, due to trace water between the host pipe and the liner. Warren Environmental provides a vacuum-tight system that ties the mainline into the manholes, resulting in a 100% reduction in I&I. An independent study at a major university has shown that lining only twelve manholes and their associated pipe with the Warren system reduced the flow by 25,000 gallons a day, saving the customer thousands of dollars in treatment costs and preserving valuable wetlands. 

With 25 years of experience in manhole restoration, Warren Environmental, Inc. has developed a high build single coat system comprised of 100% solids epoxy that is applied utilizing our patented, solvent-free application equipment. The system has superior corrosion resistance and adhesion to damp surfaces, while providing a great increase in the structural value of the manhole

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