Automatic Spin Cast Epoxy Pipe Lining

With Warren Environmental 100% Structural Epoxy

Automatic Pipe Lining

Rehabilitate pipe quickly, efficently, and effectively by utilizing "Auto Mode". An array of sensors and and computers work in concert to flawlessly apply the epoxy coating. Simply input pipe run demensions and the desired coating thicknees to the convinient 10 inch touch screen controll module. Once all conditions are correct the rig will allow automatic lining to be activated. With automatic lining the rig is capable adjusting film thickness within runs on the fly.

Remote Control

Take control of your pipelining machine wirelessly with a convinient application designed to give the equipment operator more flexability on the jobsite.

Wireless Communication

Monitor project progress and technical performance from the coffort of your office with this powerful feature, Technical data, analytics, and project performance are collected and communicated live via onboard LTE connection.

Remote Troubleshooting

The onboard LTE connection allows our technicians to  log-in to rigs wirelessly to squash bugs or view diagnostics. in the event of an equipment malfunction this feature is designed to minimize down time by getting any required replacement parts in motion before the technician arrives

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