Products approved for use with

drinking water systems


All products have been tested and approved for use in potable water systems by NSF and/or Water Quality Association's Labs to ANSI standard 61.


NSF 1 Coat Epoxy Spray System

Full viscosity version (NSF certified) with excellent cured properties and the high thixotropic

index allows a thick build even on vertical surfaces


NSF Epoxy Primer System


A low viscosity (NSF certified) penetrating epoxy system for the priming of significantly deteriorated damp concrete surfaces utilizing no fillers


NSF Low Build Epoxy System


Low viscosity version (NSF certified ) with excellent cured properties and produces

a high-gloss finish for low build applications


NSF Epoxy Trowel-On Mastic System


A highly thixotropic, NSF certified version formulated for trowel-on applications. It features

excellent cured properties and allows for 3/4" build-ups on vertical surfaces without sag.

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