Structural Epoxies


This series is our most popular and versatile epoxy system. Our products are proven in the harshest corrosive and chemical conditions. The single coat system is capable of builds as high as 500 mils in a single coat even on a wet surface.    


Epoxy Single Coat Spray System


Full viscosity version (non-NSF) with excellent cured properties and the high thixotropic

index allows a thick build even on vertical and wet surfaces.


301 Epoxy Primer System


A low viscosity penetrating epoxy system for the priming of damp concrete surfaces

utilizing no fillers.


Epoxy Top Coat System


Low viscosity version (non-NSF) with excellent cured properties and produces a high-gloss

finish for the top coating of 301-14 and other epoxy matrices.


M-301 Epoxy Trowel-On Mastic System


A highly thixotropic, non-NSF version formulated for trowel-on applications. It features

excellent cured properties and allows for 3/4 inch build-ups on vertical surfaces without sag.

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