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Amtrak Subway Tunnel Lining

Warren's injection grout makes severely damaged train tunnel “like new” for Amtrak

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New York, NY

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  • Concrete tunnel lining
  • I&I issues
  • Joint seal
  • Leak prevention

Amtrak’s concrete subway tunnel running beneath the East River in New York, New York was suffering from cracks, fractures, and holes throughout its joints. These damaged joints allowed water to infiltrate the tunnel. Being one of the worst damaged sections as well as one of the busiest rail systems for the train service, Amtrak needed a solution that would last. Amtrak contracted Warren Environmental and our master applicator, A&W Maintenance, to line the tunnel.

The A&W team inspected and repaired more than 1,000 feet of the concrete tunnel. They sealed the leaking joints of the 30-foot diameter tunnel with Warren’s 151-HG epoxy grout injection. Upon completion, Amtrak noted that the tunnel was good as new. Warren’s grout also passed both federal and state tests for Smoke (ASTM E84-979) and Wind Tunnel Burn Test (ASTM BSS 7239-88).

The tunnel was inspected five years after the initial application. The inspection reported that there were no leaks throughout the tunnel after being lined with Warren’s epoxy.


Amtrak contracted with Warren Environmental to repair damaged concrete and to stop leaks in the subway system beneath the east river in New York City. This was considered to be our worst section of the tunnel for damage in the crown and water intrusion. The tunnel is in continuous service, subject to heavy rail service. The product provided by Warren in like-new condition at this time and has solved the problems in the east side tunnel system. The Warren product also passed all state and federal tests for smoke (ASTM E84-979) and wind tunnel burn test (ASTM BSS 7239-88). We highly recommend Warren.

George P. Hurchick Former Senior Engineer Facilities - Penn Station, NY

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