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We provide the protection to keep your assets online.

We understand the intense environments that power facilities face daily. From corrosion and abrasion to chemical attack, our epoxy linings are formulated to withstand the demands of these conditions while reducing outages and optimizing schedule requirements.

Our easy-to-apply epoxies are proven to increase reliability and maximize performance of high-value assets while ensuring worker safety. Our results are proven, from hot cell encapsulation at nuclear facilities to dams and intake structures at hydroelectric stations.

Components Coated

Containment structures
Gas systems
Intake lines
Hot cell encapsulation
Water intake lines
And More

We make every blend with 100% solid integrity.

Structural icon


Our epoxies enhance the physical condition of the host structure, allowing us to quickly restore its structural capacity. One coat can add over 75 years to infrastructure without the disruption to vital operations.  

Barrier Coating

Our epoxies protect substrates from corrosives, microbial attack, abrasives, sewer gases, and more, making them an ideal solution to protect and extend the life expectancy of a broad range of assets.

Single coat icon

Single Coat

We are the only company whose epoxy can be spray applied in one coat up to 500 mils (½-inch thick). This minimizes immediate downtime and disruption, allowing for a rapid return to service. It also eliminates the risk of delamination associated with all our competitors’ multi-layer systems.

Aquatic Safe logo

Aquatic Safe

Our products have no adverse short or long-term impacts on marine life. In fact, our epoxy is the only one on the market that has a 100% survival rate in rigorous laboratory testing.

100% Solids & Zero VOCs

All our epoxies are non-hazardous. They are free of VOCs, solvents, styrene, and isocyanates – this eliminates the risk of explosion, fire, and extreme health issues for workers.

Since 1996

Proven Since 1996

We invented the first application system capable of spraying 100% solid epoxy, with no harmful solvents or thinners. Our oldest installations from the early 1990s are still in service and still in excellent condition today. 

We develop products to solve
your most challenging problems.

Whether your obstacle is highly-corrosive environments, abrasion, or temperature extremes, we have a product that will work. Let our team of epoxy experts help you find the best solution for your project.

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