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Flame Resistant

TDS - 301-FR

Safety Data Sheet available upon request.
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100% solids, Non-hazardous. Our fire-resistant epoxies have been enhanced to resist ignition and flame spread. 

By coating the interior of your infrastructure with flame-resistant epoxy, you can rest assured that your epoxy lining will actively resist and inhibit the spread of a dangerous and costly fire incident. Plus you’ll get all the benefits of our high-performing 301-14 epoxy system, including restored structural capacity and an estimated 75 more years of service life, in just one coat.

The Advantage

Barrier Coating

Our epoxies protect substrates from corrosives, microbial attack, abrasives, sewer gases, and more, making them an ideal solution to protect and extend the life expectancy of a broad range of assets.

Aquatic Safe logo

Aquatic Safe

Our products have no adverse short or long-term impacts on marine life. In fact, our epoxy is the only one on the market that has a 100% survival rate in rigorous laboratory testing.

Structural icon


Our epoxies enhance the physical condition of the host structure, allowing us to quickly restore its structural capacity. One coat can add over 75 years to infrastructure without the disruption to vital operations.  

Single coat icon

Single Coat

We are the only company whose epoxy can be spray applied in one coat up to 500 mils (½-inch thick). This minimizes immediate downtime and disruption, allowing for a rapid return to service. It also eliminates the risk of delamination associated with all our competitors’ multi-layer systems.

Extends lifespan icon

Adds +75 Years

In one coat, our structural epoxies can add over 75 years of service life to your infrastructure (independent study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh).

Superior Adhesion icon

Superior Adhesion

Our epoxies are exceptional in their ability to adhere to concrete, brick, steel, iron, and nearly every substrate even under damp, wet or humid conditions.

Zero VOCs

All our epoxies are non-hazardous. They are free of VOCs, solvents, styrene, and isocyanates – this eliminates the risk of explosion, fire, and extreme health issues for workers and surrounding areas.

Since 1996

Proven Since 1996

We invented the first application system capable of spraying 100% solid epoxy, with no harmful solvents or thinners. Our oldest installations from the early 1990s are still in service and still in excellent condition today. 


Whether you have a question about our product features, capabilities, pricing, or anything else, our team is ready to help.

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