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We have helped municipalities and private entities all over the world overcome their most challenging infrastructure problems since 1996. Don’t take our word for it. Learn what owners, engineers, and inspectors are saying about Warren Environmental’s epoxy coating system.  


Guy Campinha

Director of Water Pollution Control - Wareham, MA

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Robert Drake, PE

Vice President, BETA Group

New York, NY

Amtrak contracted with Warren Environmental to repair damaged concrete and to stop leaks in the subway system beneath the east river in New York City. This was considered to be our worst section of the tunnel for damage in the crown and water intrusion. The tunnel is in continuous service, subject to heavy rail service. The product provided by Warren in like-new condition at this time and has solved the problems in the east side tunnel system. The Warren product also passed all state and federal tests for smoke (ASTM E84-979) and wind tunnel burn test (ASTM BSS 7239-88). We highly recommend Warren.

George P. Hurchick

Former Senior Engineer Facilities - Penn Station, NY

New York, NY

The New York State Department of Health approved the application of Warren Environmental’s 100% solids epoxy product for potable water over the existing concrete floor and walls within supply conduit No. 8 to the new flow control structure. The application of your 100% solids epoxy within this 100% buried supply conduit under groundwater pressure was satisfactorily completed. I would recommend this system for similar projects in need of a structural liner that will resist hydrostatic pressure and prevent infiltration.

Robert Vargo


Kansas City, MO

A&W Maintenance performed rehabilitation work on a section of concrete and limestone brick-lined storm sewer to prevent infiltration of contaminated groundwater and tar material from an adjacent property. The work included inspection, cleaning and removal of previously applied cementitious lining material, repairing of cracks and voids up to 1-inch wide, applying Warren Environmental’s epoxy material to 200 feet of sewer that varied in diameter from approximately 3 to 6 feet, and quality control testing of the epoxy coating. The project was completed within the proposed budget and schedule.

Gordon Abell

PE, Project Engineer

Medford, MA

I want to thank you for a wonderful job you and your crew did in restoring the manhole on Lawrence Road. For years this manhole has been a real concern for the City of Medford. There were three major issues the City had with this manhole. First of all, there was no bottom, just a dirt floor. Secondly, there was a severe infiltration problem, and finally, the manhole itself was far from being structurally sound. Your men came in and created a bottom for the manhole, stopped the infiltration, and made it stronger than it has ever been. The Warren Environmental coating system is truly the best fix I have seen for restoring manholes and stopping infiltration problems. I am totally satisfied with the job your company did for the City of Medford.

Laird J. Walsh

Assistant City Engineer

Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) completed a water main lining project on a 30-inch welded steel transmission water main in 2009. The main was installed in 1942. The pipe had suffered extensive corrosion and was leaking/breaking on a regular basis. PWD recorded 15 breaks within a 25-year period in this section of the pipe. 

We contracted with Warren Environmental to install 250 mil of epoxy lining of their 301‐01 product to line approximately 500 feet of pipe. The pipe was sandblasted and mechanically scraped to remove the existing bitumastic coating and to expose the steel for the lining. PWD completed a Sahara® ‐ Tethered Pipeline Inspection after lining, and no defects or leaks were detected in the lined pipe. We have not had a leak since the completion of the project. The project took four weeks to complete, which included all excavation, pipework, lining, backfill and compaction, and final paving. The lining work took approximately seven to 15 days to complete. 

Due to the pipe acquisition, and the lead time to order and receive the specialty fittings, we projected the open-cut project to take approximately 15 to 30 weeks to complete. There would have been a substantial effect on businesses, residents, traffic in this area if the open-cut method was used.

Jeff Twardzik

Engineering Supervisor – Philadelphia Water Department

Stone Mountain, GA

A&W Maintenance has worked in DeKalb County for the past 15 years, installing Warren epoxy liners in manholes and pump stations. DeKalb County is very pleased with the quality of the Warren system, and the expert installations over the years. The Warren epoxy lining system has prevented billions of gallons of groundwater from entering our sewer system, saving the County a great amount of money over the years. The vacuum-tight system also prevents sewer water from leaking into the groundwater. We consider the Warren lining system an asset to DeKalb County’s efforts to prevent the loss and pollution of precious groundwater.

Roy O. Barnes

Former Deputy Director – Department of Watershed Management

DeKalb, IL

Several years ago, as an engineering consultant, I began my due diligence and investigation of Warren Environmental’s epoxy systems for sanitary manhole rehabilitation projects in the State of Illinois. I independently contacted several Warren Environmental clients, including Metro Wastewater Reclamation District (Denver), which had recently concluded a third-party engineering review of Warren Environmental’s products that yielded superior marks. I subsequently contacted Mr. Warren and he demonstrated his product by lining two of the City’s worst brick sanitary manholes, including their benches. With the full support of the City, I specified Warren Environmental products for the manhole lining project, and it was completed to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

I became the Manager of the DeKalb Sanitary District in DeKalb, Illinois. I am currently developing a program to systematically rehabilitate our collection system infrastructure to reduce our significant infiltration and inflow. Without question, Mr. Warren and his company’s products will be a large part of our rehabilitation program. If you have not already, I encourage you to sit down with Mr. Warren to learn about his outstanding products. He brings a perspective that balances a scientific understanding of high-performance coatings and professional experience of solving difficult problems. It is with the highest regard that I recommend Warren Environmental’s products for your collection system and wastewater treatment plant related needs.

Mark Eddington

PE, District Manager – DeKalb Sanitary District


In a previous career, I was a Project Engineer at a large paper mill in south Georgia. The mill has a number of large diameter black liquor tanks. These tanks were fabricated from carbon steel and typically had oil sand under the floor with a grout ring at the perimeter of the tank. Over time, these grout rings had deteriorated and allowed water and liquor under the floor of the tanks, creating conditions conducive to corrosion. Over the years, the grout had been repaired by packing dry grout. The repairs typically looked good for a few months, then began cracking and failing.

Our investigation determined that thermal expansion and contraction of the liquor tanks were a likely cause of the failure. We began to look for a flexible grout to fit the application. We found Warren Environmental’s flexible epoxy products. Warren Environmental trained a local paint contractor to install the product. We installed it on a number of tanks. The product looked good and provided a good seal.

Curt Downey

PE, President

Libertyville, IL

The Lake County Public Works Department reconditioned approximately 1,800-feet of 6-inch diameter cast iron water main by an in-situ resin lining process. A two-part epoxy system was installed in late October of 2013. The process involved the installation of an above-ground temporary water system to ensure uninterrupted service to the customers during the reconditioning process. 

The application of an in-situ resin lining is the first of its kind applied in Lake County to recondition an active water main. The benefit of reconditioning the pipeline by this process gives the system improved hydraulic efficiency, structural integrity and long-term corrosion protection, thus eliminating the regrowth of tuberculation without the disruption to the customers often experienced during total pipeline replacement. We continuously monitor the system and have not experienced any low flow or structural interruptions to date.

Gordon White

PE, Engineering Supervisor – Lake County Department of Public Works

Clearwater, FL

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on your crews work at the Marshall Street WWTP, performing that difficult project of lining the exterior of the 48-inch aeration pipe with structural epoxy. After your subcontractor cleaned the rust and scaling off the pipe, parts of the pipeline were in worse condition than originally anticipated. One section of the pipe was completely rotted through, leaving a sizeable hole to be dealt with. Your crew was able to patch the hole, line the entire pipeline to stop all the air leaks and make the pipeline structurally sound. The City of Clearwater was impressed with your crew’s performance and professionalism, as well as your structural epoxy to resolve the problem.

Michael Lukas

Former Associate

Simsbury, CT

In April of 2005, we had you apply a single coat of your 301-01, NSF approved epoxy to the interior surfaces of two bottom shell rings that had recently been installed to preserve the interior steel surfaces until the subject tank could be scheduled for complete interior rehabilitation. Due to both cost and time restraints, only a minimal amount of surface preparation and one coat of your material was applied at this time. The entire surface to be coated was still covered with tight rust and a substantial amount of tight mil scale. One coat of your material was then applied by spray method at approximately 12-20 mils, just enough so as to seal the steel surfaces effectively. The tank was then filled the next day. VOC samples were taken shortly after that, with the results indicating no problems. 

In February of 2007, we returned to the subject tank to perform complete rehabilitation of both the interior and exterior tank surfaces. At that time, I had an opportunity to observe the coating applied in 2005, noting that 99% of the coating was still completely intact with no evidence of blistering, delamination, or any significant degradation taking place. The coating was also noted to be exhibiting sound adhesion (3A +) to the underlining steel substrate surfaces. Overall the performance of this material greatly exceeded our expectations, and it is anticipated that this material would have provided the surfaces in question several more years of acceptable protection.

David Merithew

Former President

Rochester, NY

I am writing to extend a “job well done” to Warren Environmental on the Irondequoit Bay Pump Station Force Main Project. Villager Construction of Fairport, New York subcontracted with A&W Maintenance in January to rehabilitate Pure Water’s Irondequoit Bay pump station force main using Warren Environmental’s epoxy products. A&W lined approximately 2,600 LF of 42- and 60-inch steel pipe with 175-200 mils of 301-14 and 301-18 epoxy. 

We believe that your product will offer a superior, long-term solution for this critical asset. We look forward to the continued performance of this product and are currently evaluating other potential uses throughout our wastewater collection and treatment system. Again, thank you for your involvement in the successful completion of a very important and challenging project!

Michael Garland

PE, Director – Department of Environmental Services

DeKalb County, GA

Warren Environmental 301 epoxy coating was applied to these manholes approximately 18 years ago. Inspection and testing were performed on Tuesday, September 24 and Wednesday, September 25, 2019. One dolly on the wall and one dolly on the bench in each manhole were cored prior to conducting the adhesion test. The epoxy coating was intact with no holes or evidence of wear or corrosion. Sounding or checking for dis-bondment with a hammer indicated the coating was adhered except where the coating had been broken or compromised. 

Adhesion tests were conducted using a DeFelsko PosiTest AT-A Automatic Adhesion Tester. The average adhesion/glue failure for six non-cored dollies is 611 PSI. The average adhesion/glue failure for five cored dollies is 753 PSI. The average failure of nine successful adhesion tests is 682 PSI. The two-part glue between the dollies and the epoxy failed. This implies that the epoxy coating and the substrate are bonded or adhered at adhesion strengths higher than the force that caused glue failure.

Jerry Clemmer

PE, NACE Inspector


Over the past 15 years that I have had the opportunity to work with you, your company and crew, it gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. Warren Environmental has been an intricate partner with our Corporate Engineering Department in dealing with the development of coating systems that best fit our needs.

You and I have accomplished many successful projects spanning those years, ranging from cranberry receiving stations wastewater treatment plants, facility renovations, and new grass root facilities. The crews have always performed professionally and under, at times, extreme time constraints. You and the company have always been committed to the projects and tasks at hand. Over the years, this cooperation has led you to become “part of the family” at Ocean Spray.

Louis Cicchese

Former Capital Purchasing Manager

Birmingham, AL

In our opinion, the Warren Environmental system is the highest quality epoxy product for sewer rehabilitation on the market at this time. Without reservation, we at Russo would encourage any entity to make the Warren product line their first choice for the restoration and rehabilitation of their failing infrastructure.

Tommy Smith


Miami-Dade County, FL

In performance of the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department’s Infiltration/Exfiltration/Inflow Reduction Program, a large deconstruction project with their epoxy was performed. Two junction chambers and connecting 54- and 60-inch diameter connecting piping in an extremely corrosive atmosphere were coated. Upon 8-month and 18-month inspections, we found the epoxy coating to be in excellent condition.

Miami-Dade County, FL

Hopkinton, MA

Danny Warren of Warren Environmental conducted a demo application at the East Providence Potable Water Plant. The application consisted of a plural component applied 301, 100% solids, epoxy to 48-inch steel pipes. Mr. Warren’s crew cleaned via high-pressure water (4000 psi) roughly, 12 feet of 48-inch freshwater intake line in the basement of the plant. The environment was cold and damp. The raw water intake line was covered with condensation and continuously wet during the application demo.

I returned to the site in December of 2001 with several engineers from Camp Dresser and McKee (CDM) to perform tests on the 48-inch steel pipes. The adhesion ranged between 800-1200 psi on the five adhesion tests that were performed. In my opinion, the adhesion and appearance of the Warren product were outstanding.

Ramon Pelaez

Former President

San Francisco, CA

Warren Environmental provided their 301 structural epoxy system for the lining and waterproofing of one of our aging and deteriorated adit towers. The tower stands in approximately 150 feet of water in the middle of the Crystal Springs Reservoir. Due to excessive leaks through the concrete tower and the backpressure from the reservoir water, many coating manufacturers were reluctant to offer the city their products and recommendations. 

Our coating consultant had recommended the Warren epoxy product. The product was applied in a single high build coat, 3/8 inch thick. The project was finished two weeks ahead of schedule. At the six-year inspection, twenty engineers from different utility companies in the San Francisco Bay Area inspected the tower, and it was determined to be in excellent condition. This project had been considered to be undoable because of the high rate of infiltration through the walls and the excessive pressure from the water at a depth of 150 feet. I would highly recommend Warren Environmental’s epoxy systems and the application team provided by A&W Maintenance.

Mongkol Mahavongtrakul

PE, Corrosion Engineer/Contract Manager

Livingston, NJ

We have been using Warren environmental products for over six years for the use of manhole rehabilitation and structural repairs to sewer mains. Every job performed by A&W Maintenance utilizing the Warren Environmental products has been completed on time without any punch list or warranty issues. We have been extremely satisfied with both the performance of the product as well as the professionalism of the installation crews. 

The agencies, who are the end user, have also been extremely satisfied. In fact, the City of Newark re-wrote their specification to utilize Warren epoxy for the use of structural repair patches for use in conjunction with CIPP lining.

Gerhardt Rodenberger

Former Division Manager

Dupo, IL

Sugar Loaf Township is pleased with the work that Warren Environmental has done for the community. Several manholes and lift stations were coated using the Warren Environmental’s epoxy system. It has been almost three years since we have had this work done and everything seems to be in satisfactory condition.

Darrell Hoffmann

Sugar Loaf Township Clerk

Indian Head, MD

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank your company for a very impressive epoxy lining operation under very difficult conditions. Performing construction work for NAVFAC (Naval Facilities Engineering Command) is difficult under normal conditions as this client has many layers of engineers, inspectors, and managers, all of whom interpret their specifications differently and are difficult to please. 

Nevertheless, despite the obstacles of a constantly changing schedule, complications with security and base access, and finally extreme cold, your personnel performed professionally and efficiently under duress. Jeff took the time to patiently explain the coating process & equipment to the NAVFAC Engineers and the feedback I received from the Navy was that all concerned personnel were both satisfied and impressed with the quality of your work. Thank you again for a high-quality job and for achieving a critical milestone on this project under difficult conditions.

Chris Petrakes

Senior Project Manager

Bethlehem, NY

Danny Warren asked if I would send you a letter about our experience with using Danny’s coating system on a water treatment clarifier at our main water treatment plant. I would like to give you some history about our facility. The water treatment plant is located in upstate New York. The climate in this area goes from one extreme to the next. During the summer months we will see temperatures in the upper 90’s and in the winter, we will see temperatures negative zero degrees. Not the best conditions for a water clarifier. A couple of years ago, our #5 clarifier that is located outside of the main water treatment plant became inoperable, the reason was severe rusting. This clarifier had been in and out service over the next 15 years with no other coating ever being applied. There was severe pitting in walls of the clarifier as well as holes in the collection trough.

It was obvious that major repairs were needed before we could put this clarifier into service. After some cost comparison steel VS coating, we found that it was cheaper to go with Danny’s coating system. With Danny’s coating system, there was no need for replacement of any corroded steel. The coating was applied over sandblasted steel and it filled in the holes and the pitting. The clarifier has now been in service for a couple of years, operating 24/7. From my experience with the coating system that Danny Warren has is nothing but great. If you should get a chance to use Danny’s coatings, my feeling is that you will be very pleased with the product.

Richard Sayward

Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator

Marblehead, MA

The Marblehead Water and Sewer Commission entered into a contract for the epoxy lining of 107 manholes in the Shorewood Road area. Over the past several years, multiple inspections have been performed on the work done by Warren Environmental. All the manholes continue to appear as good as the day they were coated. There is no leakage visible. We at Marblehead Water and Sewer continue to be very satisfied with the product.

Dana Snow

Former Superintendent – Water and Sewer Commission

Nantucket, MA

As Chief Operator, I am pleased to write this letter praising the services of Warren Environmental. Our headworks structure was suffering from extreme corrosion and concrete degradation from high levels of H2S. We had an estimate of $8.8 million to build a new structure and demolition of the existing structure. I went to the industry and the internet to find a less costly option. I found numerous vendors that did provide lining and coating services. I reached out to 3 companies that made the long and often difficult trip out to the Island. After meetings and extensive research, I did put out an RFP for services. A& W did win the bid for what I considered a very reasonable rate for the project they faced. Our structure was originally built in 1981 and faced numerous upgrades. In our 2007 facility upgrade, the entire facility had covers installed on all tanks and process basins. This was when our problems started. 

Danny and his team were very professional and courteous to our special needs at our facility on an island located directly on the ocean. The project went extremely well was completed sooner than expected and well within the proposed budget. We are extremely happy with the finished projects and will be doing much more business in the future as we proceed with lining all our manholes some up to 100 years old. This option of a structural epoxy lining has saved the Town of Nantucket years of permitting planning and construction and saved us financially, approximately $8.63 million allowing me to pursue other critical projects.

David Gray, Sr.

Chief Operator – Surfside Wastewater Treatment Facility

Stoughton, MA

It has been nearly six months and we have continued to monitor this job. We are pleased to report that all infiltration has been stopped and not a hint of a leak has been observed. We shall highly recommend this process for all our sewer manhole rehabilitation.

Lawrence Barrett

Former Superintendent of Public Works

Norfolk, VA

I have attached my report on the condition of the 301 in ballast tank 3-121-1-W on USS Oak Hill from my follow-up survey in March 2013. In my opinion, this coating performs as well as the other approved rapid cure UHS coating systems. In my opinion, the 301 may resist physical damage better than the other approved coating systems. When properly applied, longevity of the coating systems is not an issue and I expect to see up to twenty years of service with periodic touch-up.

David Zuskin

US Naval Research Lab Staff Coatings Inspector

Pittsburgh, PA

I have conducted a number of investigations of the use of spray layed-up epoxy materials for the repair of concrete infrastructure. These investigations have focused primarily on the enhancement of structural properties afforded by the epoxy material and a composite composed of the epoxy and chopped E-glass fibers.

There is certainly no question as to the efficiency of epoxy in sealing concrete tunnels and/or pipes. The product has also been demonstrated on corrugated steel pipe/culvert systems. In most applications, bond characteristics to the substrate material are a critical performance parameter. I have seen the product applied in wet environments varying from “damp” to puddled water. Although the bond quality is adversely affected by the presence of water (as it is with all lining systems), bond strength, nonetheless, surpassed the tensile capacity of the concrete substrate in all environments considered. Bond quality under dry conditions was exceptional. As with any bonded product, however, substrate preparation is the key to sound performance. Properly followed specifications and thorough onsite quality control and material sampling/testing are critical to a successful installation. My experience with the product has been very good. Throughout my investigations, I have found bond quality of the Warren product to be outstanding.

Kent Harries

Ph.D., P.Eng., Assistant Professor

Warwick, RI

Earlier this year, the Warwick Sewer Authority (WSA) identified a pressing issue with extensive deterioration of a 16-inch force main line suspended under a bridge, spanning over an extremely busy highway on Interstate 295 in Warwick, Rhode Island. The WSA called upon Danny Warren for assistance. Mr. Warren’s technical support. Given the difficulty and danger of rehabilitating a pipe suspended under a bridge over a major interstate highway, Danny and his crew mobilized and brought to fruition an impressive completion of an extremely challenging project. 

We at the WSA would offer that Warren Environmental systems infrastructure rehabilitation techniques simply are the best out there. Warren Environmental systems have proven to be the highest quality epoxy product we could find, resulting in a force main line that will have many more years of viability.

Janine Burke-Wells

Former Executive Director

Warwick, RI

A&W Maintenance rehabilitated one of our most severely deteriorated pump stations, the Cedar Swamp pump station, using the Warren Environmental’s 151 injection grout and 301-14 100% solids epoxy spray system. 

Before the pump station was rehabilitated, we were processing an additional 800,000 gallons of water a day at the treatment plant due to infiltration into that structure. The water was continuously monitored both before and after the repair. The Warren system successfully controlled the infiltration problem. We are very pleased with the success of the repair and would highly recommend the Warren system for any difficult water and sewer repairs.

Matthew J. Solitro

Collection System Manager

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