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Irondequoit Bay Pump Station Force Main Improvements

Warren's approved applicator completes steel rehabilitation when abandoned by the previous lining applicator

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Monroe County, NY

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  • 30, 42, and 60-inch steel pipe
  • Aggressive schedule
  • Award-winning project
  • Corrosion
  • Steel pipe rehabilitation


  • Project of the Year Award recipient from the American Public Works Association’s New York Chapter
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Our master applicator, A&W Maintenance, used Warren Environmental’s epoxy coating system to line sewer structures and manholes, including lining 15 feet up and downstream of the invert of the outfall structure. The concrete and brick surfaces were extremely deteriorated, especially within the manhole chamber where rebar and wire mesh were exposed. Large sections of the brick wall were replaced with new bricks and then lined with our epoxy. The outfall structure required 500 mils of Warren’s epoxy, which was applied in a single coat.

The project involved a variety of challenges that A&W Maintenance had to overcome, including minimizing the disruption to the surrounding residential neighborhood. The team accomplished this by implementing overnight shifts when necessary. Another challenge involved the acceptable downtime of the system. The flow could only be stopped for 40 minutes at a time, which required unique methods to prep, coat, and inspect the application within those intervals.

The project was completed in 2015 and both the outfall structure and manholes were re-inspected in 2018 by a NACE II inspector. Results showed that the structures were in great condition and had no defects.


I am writing to extend a "job well done" to Warren Environmental on the Irondequoit Bay Pump Station Force Main Project. Villager Construction of Fairport, New York subcontracted with A&W Maintenance in January to rehabilitate Pure Water's Irondequoit Bay pump station force main using Warren Environmental's epoxy products. A&W lined approximately 2,600 LF of 42- and 60-inch steel pipe with 175-200 mils of 301-14 and 301-18 epoxy. 

We believe that your product will offer a superior, long-term solution for this critical asset. We look forward to the continued performance of this product and are currently evaluating other potential uses throughout our wastewater collection and treatment system. Again, thank you for your involvement in the successful completion of a very important and challenging project!

Michael Garland PE, Director – Department of Environmental Services


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