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Ocean Spray Facility Coating Projects

Warren serves as an integral partner to Ocean Spray's Corporate Engineering Department

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  • Acidic environment
  • Corrosion protection
  • Food-grade tanks
  • Receiving station rehabilitations

Ocean Spray’s infrastructure includes a wastewater holding tank constructed of concrete. The tank is approximately 12×14 feet and contains the waste from cleaning operations. This water has a pH of 2.5 and contains solid cranberries, cranberry sludge, cranberry juices, and other organic matter. The waste is held in the tank and emptied twice a week. 

After several years of operation, the waste was attacking the tank and the concrete aggregate was starting to show. Ocean Spray investigated several companies and soon selected Warren Environmental’s epoxy coating system based on proven experience dealing with comparable issues. The team used our coating system to resurface the tank, and over three years later, it looks identical to the first day it was coated. There is no wear or noticeable changes. Despite the acidity of the cranberries, our coating system proves to uphold after years of service and remains in good condition to this day. 

Warren’s successful results have quickly made us an integral partner with Ocean Spray‚Äôs Corporate Engineering Department. Over the years, we’ve worked closely with Corporate Engineering to identify, develop, and implement a coating system that best suits their needs, including coating their cranberry receiving station, wastewater treatment assets, facility renovations, and new grass roots facilities, many of which required fast-return-to-service solutions.

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