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Warren’s Unique Approved Applicator Network

How the Close Relationship Between Manufacturer and Applicator Creates Win/Win Scenarios

Written By: David Adams

We have always aimed to create the best epoxy products on the market, but even the right epoxy for the job can fail if applied incorrectly. That is why the Warren Environmental Approved Applicator Network exists. We go the extra mile to vet applicators and only approve those whose mission aligns with ours: to protect infrastructure, the environment, and the people who use them.

Beyond vetting, Warren is dedicated to our unwavering commitment to each applicator. In the world of coatings, no two projects are the same. Time constraints, client needs, and technical concerns can arise and create complicated issues for applicators. Our main goal is to equip our applicators with uniquely versatile products and expert technical recommendations that help them solve these challenges. We’re all part of the same team, working side-by-side to help them handle whatever they’re dealing with along the way.


Confidence in Quality with J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc.

Fletcher Creamer (JFC) is a full-service infrastructure solution provider that specialized in the spray-in-place pipe (SIPP) application of our product. They joined Warren in 2019 and since then, their momentum has only increased, with recent applications with American Water to restore New Jersey Water’s aging force main. In 2023, JFC wanted to diversify its service offerings and added spray application of Warren’s products to its arsenal. This year, they completed their first epoxy coated manhole project with Veolia Water in New Jersey’s Bergen County.

Undertaking their first spay application project in a new area presented them with challenges to ensure quality and operator safety while overcoming client concerns. Knowing this, Warren Environmental stepped in to help by sending our team to train, instruct, and approve their crew for spray application. We spent three days with JFC in both classroom and live field training.

JFC’s Vice President of Construction Management, Jason Newman, said,

“This flexibility allowed our team the confidence for onsite spray applications and meet the customer timeline for project completion.”

Our instructor approved two completed applications and two spray technicians. This training helped instill quality practices and establish strong lines of communication for our future collaborations.


Collaboration in Extreme Conditions with Cypress Construction and Coatings

Cypress Construction and Coatings has been the premier provider of coatings services in Florida since 1987. They are a family-owned and operated company providing the highest levels of quality.

As one of our new applicators, we wanted to work with Cypress on utilizing our product in challenging Florida environments. We arranged for a three-day training on an active Florida job site to replicate the conditions they would face daily.

Cypress Vice President, Jason Haney said,

“Warren 301-14 performed well in the South Florida weather, and I believe we found a place for it in our system.”

While on location, we worked with Cypress on techniques for mitigating pinholes and application processes in humid conditions. This effort set the standard for our partnership in future collaborations.

Our network currently includes 25 of the finest applicators worldwide. We pride ourselves in providing them with high-quality epoxy products, personalized customer service, technical resources, and expertise to help them excel. We know an applicator’s job is not easy, which is why we’re always here to support them in any way we can.


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