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AC Hotel Pump Station Lining

Warren’s 301-14 epoxy coating protects newly installed pump stations for decades to come

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Portsmouth, NH

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  • Aggressive Schedule 
  • Concrete Pump Stations 
  • New Asset Protection 
  • Simultaneous Work 
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In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the AC Hotel installed two new concrete pump stations that needed to be lined with a protective coating.

A&W Coatings was contracted to apply Warren’s high-performance 301-14 epoxy coating throughout both pump stations. This job was to be performed on the same day the stations were backfilled.

The A&W team faced multiple challenges throughout the project. The first obstacle was working simultaneously with the installation contractor. A&W had to wait for the contractor to complete filling at least one pump station with concrete before they could apply our epoxy. Additionally, the work areas were in tight alleys, making movement difficult. 

Once the concrete dried, A&W water blasted the surfaces using between 4,000 and 6,000 psi, followed by acid etching. The crew spray-applied 150 mils of our 301-14 epoxy to each pump station, a total of 304 square feet. 

With Warren’s epoxy coating the pump stations, these newly installed assets will be safe from corrosion and other environmental damage for many decades to come.


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