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Anaerobic Digester Tank Rehabilitation

Warren’s epoxy coating proves effective for severely deteriorated digester tank

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Jackson, OH

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  • Concrete digester
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Bellisio Foods is a major frozen food manufacturer whose brands include Boston Market, Michelina’s, and Atkins Frozen. In 2018, the manufacturer needed to rehabilitate its 170-foot diameter concrete anaerobic digester tank at their Ohio facility. It was showing signs of severe deterioration on the walls above the waterline. 

Warren’s epoxy coating system was a quick and effective rehabilitation method that added valuable service life to Bellisio Foods’ anaerobic digester tank with minimal impact on their operations.

Warren’s approved applicator used our 301-14 epoxy to repair the tank’s concrete surfaces. Before coating the walls, the team sandblasted and water blasted to remove loose concrete. Afterward, they spray applied 375-500 mils of Warren’s 301-14 epoxy to the concrete surfaces. Areas with exposed rebar required repair with Warren’s epoxy mastic before being coated. Repairs from within the tank required two flotation rafts. All technicians wore harnesses and were tied off to the safety line established around the outer circumference of the tank. 


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