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Toll Gate Sewer Repair

One-year inspection reveals excellent results in manhole rehabilitation project

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Warwick, RI

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  • Brick and concrete manholes
  • I&I
  • Sewer structures
  • Scheduled shutdowns
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In Warwick, Rhode Island, the public school district identified a need to rehabilitate 13 concrete and brick sewer structures. The manholes needed to be repaired while continuing to stay in operation. 

Warren Environmental’s 100% solids epoxy coating system was specified, and our approved applicator, A&W Maintenance, was awarded the job. The manholes remained in operation while the project was completed. A&W internally bypassed the system utilizing flow-through plugs and was able to work in live-flow conditions. After the team prepared the surface (high-pressure water blasting, muriatic acid wash and rinse, and bleach wash and rinse), they coated the structures with a minimum of 250 mils of epoxy, with some requiring as much as 375 mils based on the deterioration. Our approved applicators coated all interior surfaces, including the bench and the invert. 

The project was completed in April of 2019 and was inspected a year later. The inspection team pressure washed the structures and then performed pull tests. All of the manholes were in great condition with pull test results ranging from 730 to 1,422 psi.


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