Amtrak Tunnel Repair

product "has solved the problem in the East Side tunnel system" 

Black & Veatch - Brick Sewer Rehabilitation

"..quality control testing indicated that epoxy adhered extremely well to both concrete and limestone surfaces.." 

Anheuser Busch Epoxy Coating

"the product was used in our most aggressive environments for chemical attack and abrasion...has survived seven years and is still in very good condition"

Boston Edison - Intake Canal Coating

"excellent job" 

City of Los Angeles - Product Test Passed

"passed chemical resistance test and will appear in our specifications" 

City of Meford, MA - Infiltration Control Repair

"the Warren Environmental System is truly the best fix I have ever seen for resorting manholes and stopping infiltration"

Anheuser Busch WWTP Epoxy Repair

"Thank you for an exceptional installation" 

DeKalb County - Sanitary Sewer Restoration

"structures where the Warren product have been applied are performing beyond expectation" 

DiMare Seafood - Epoxy Lining

"we are amazed at how well the epoxy has withstood over twelve years in a harsh salt water environment" 

Earth Tech - Material Approval

"product is suitable for current application in the County sanitary sewer system" 

Eastman Kodak - Epoxy Coating Approval

"we are very impressed with your Warren Environmental System" 

Fort Worth Product Approval

"acceptable for use as a coating to prevent corrosion.." 

Georgia Pacific - Flexible Grout on Steel Tanks

"We installed Warren Environmental's flexible grout and it clearly outperformed traditional grout" "I would recommend Warren Environmental..." 

Jefferson County - Manhole Rehabilitation Product Approval

"has decided to award approval for use of the Warren Environmental Manhole Rehabilitation Product " 

Montgomery Watson Canada biofilter - Equipment Protection

"..commend both your company and crew for past projects and recent performance...using Warren Environmental laminating system" 

New York City MTA Spray Applied Coating

"has specified the subject product for use under one or more Capitol Construction projects" 

Ocean Spray

"Warren Environmental has been an intricate partner ..in dealing with the development of coating systems that best fill our needs" 

Ocean Spray - Epoxy Coating of Holding Tank

Wastewater Holding Tank-6 year inspection-"the tanks looks as good today as it did when you first coated the tank" 

Post Buckley-City of Sarasota - Corrosion Coating

"successful completion of two waste water wetwell rehabilitations...extensive corrosive damage..exposed rebar" 

Prein & Newhof Engineering - Epoxy Coating

"the coatings appeared to be in perfect condition...We are very impressed with the quality and the workmanship of your product." 

Rust Harza-Miami Dade - Epoxy Coiating of Junction Chamber

Junction Boxes-"an extremely corrosive environment....we found the epoxy coating to be in excellent condition" 

Rust Solutions - Epoxy Coating of 48" Steel Pipe

"the adhesion and appearance of the Warren product was outstanding." 

Russo Corp - Epoxy Manhole Rehab

"Warren Environmental System is the highest quality product for sewer rehabilitation on the market" 

Seminole and Orange County - Coating of Manholes and Wetwells

"very competent and professional" 

Sugarloaf Township - Epoxy Coating of Manholes and Lift Station

3 year inspection-"everything is in satisfactory condition" 

Suncoast Infrastructure - Installer of Warren Epoxy Systems

"...consistent high quality product with an emphasized focus on worker safety" 

Town of Easthampton - Patching of Water Storage Tank

"...substantial savings in water.." 

Town of Marblehead - Epoxy Lining of 107 Manholes

10 year inspection-" all manholes appear to be as good as the day they were coated" 

Town of Stoughton - Manhole Rehabilitation

" all infiltration has been stopped and not a hint of a leak has been observed" 

Univ of Pittsburgh

"I have found the bond quality of the Warren product to be outstanding" 

Wellesley - Epoxy Lining of 1000' of Sewer

5 year inspection-"the result of the inspection was positive" 

Whitesville Final Inspection - Pump Station Epoxy Coating

"the manholes in this area were previously in the worst condition...the epoxy was soundly adhered to the manhole walls"

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